Conflict Resolution & Unity Services 

Mediation  & Child  Advocacy

Family is extremely important and keeping the PEACE among family is essential. 


Mediation Include

Marriage, Separation, and Divorce

Parental Arrangements including Custody and visitation,

Parent,Teen, and Eldercare. 


  • Mediation has a higher success

  • Mediation is much more affordable and we work with you.

  • Mediation is much less distressing than fighting in court.

  • Mediation is less complex  and faster than resolving conflict in a courtroom. 

  • It is a joint effort in resolving family matters.


Peace Circles

"Peacemaking Circles bring together the ancient wisdom of community and the contemporary value of respect for individuals gifts, needs, and differences in a process that:  honors the presence and dignity of every participant; values the contributions of every participant; emphasizes the connectedness of all things; supports emotional and spiritual expression; and gives an equal voice to all." - Kay Pranis

It is a way of uniting people, strengthening bonds, solving conflict cohesively. 

Peace making circles use structure to create possibilities of freedom. The circle itself symbolizes  shared leadership, equality, connection, and inclusion.   It promotes empowerment, accountability, and participation from all parties.

The primary aspects of a circles structure consist of the ceremony, guidelines, talking piece, facilitation/keeper,  and consensus decision-making.  

Circles are being used everywhere;  neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, social services and the justice system.

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