Peace Circles

Conflict Resolution & Unity Services 

Brainstorming/Exploration Circles

Braining-storming/ Exploration Circles allow all participants to be respectfully heard and offer participants diverse perspectives to help stimulate reflections, ideas, solutions, etc..  In these circles participants are able to explore a particular issue or topic from many different perspectives.  

Circles of Understanding

 The purpose of a circle of understanding is to essentially develop a more complete picture of the context or reason for a specific event or behavior.   These talking circles are focused on understanding aspects of the conflict or difficult situation and generally do not call for group consensus.

Healing/Grievance Circle

The purpose of a healing circle is to share the pain with an individual or group who have experienced trauma or loss.

Healing/Grieving circles may be used when informing and sharing unfortunate news. 

Sentencing Circles 

These circles are a community- directed process in partnership with the local criminal justice system.  All parties impacted by the the offense are involved in deciding the appropriate sentencing plan that is meant to address the concerns of all participants. By census, the Circle develops the sentence for the person who committed the crime and may also stipulate responsibilities of the community members and justice officials are part of the plan agreement. 

Support Circles  

Support Circles are meant to unite key individuals to support an individual through  difficult period or life changing event. These circles often work best if met consistently on a regular base. 

Community-Building Circles

Community- Building Circles support effective collective action and mutual responsibility.  Its main purpose is meant to create bonds and 

Conflict Circles  

This is a decision-making circle. Conflict resolution often takes shape through a consensus agreement. The circle is meant to being together disputing parties to help resolve their differences. 

Reintegration Circles 

These circles bring together an individual and a group or community  from which that individual has been estranged to work toward reconciliation and acceptance of the individual into the group again.   These circles have been used for juveniles and adults who are returning to the community from prison or correctional facility. 

Celebration & Honoring Circles

Circles for celebration and honorary bring individuals and groups together to recognize those and to share joy and a sense of accomplishment. 

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