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DC.CreativeConcepts, LLC is a partner of small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.  Our service solutions help develop and improve business performance and efficiency. Our creative strategy and solutions help those excel by providing coaching, operational, administrative, web and marketing support. 

Our mission is to creatively and resourcefully Unite, Empower and Cultivate our communities for a greater good. It starts with helping businesses and individuals within our communities grow.  Identifying your professional needs and solutions to break-down barriers and develop & implement creative, resourceful solutions for a viable cultivating impact.   
Through our services, resources and projects we strive to help our community live better, be better and flourish. 

Support our mission, support our cause! Make a difference by working with us, volunteering and donating to our service-based projects. With your help we are able to create meaningful opportunities for our community that bring unity, and empowerment.


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Center for Conflict Resolution

Young Women Brainstorming

There has been a defined need for conflict resolution in our society. Our community can benefit through education, practicing preventative methods, methods of managing conflict and its resolution, etc.. Funds will go towards building a Center for Conflict Resolution in Lake County with a robust program to help individuals, organizations, institutions, research and future initiatives all to improve the quality of life in our communities and to make a social impact for cultivation of change for a better future. 

We must educate and help those resolve conflicting matters resourcefully and effectively to make a positive impact. The Center for Conflict Resolution will help breakdown barriers and enable growth in our communities; and that starts with addressing conflict in order to resolve it as individuals, organizations, a community and a society as a whole enabling us to unite, empower and cultivate for a greater good.

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